Driver Free USB to Synchronous Serial SPI Interface


Driver-free USB to synchronous serial SPI interface

USB-SPI is a single chip USB to synchronous serial SPI slave interface. It greatly simplifies the connection of personal computer to a microcontroller capable of communicating in SPI master mode. In addition to the standard 4 SPI control lines, 11 additional Virtual I/O lines have custom-defined functionality.

USB-SPI uses the Human Interface Device (HID) USB profile. It does not require USB driver installation, and so is compatible with present and future Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

USB-SPI is firmware for the PIC18F2455 and PIC18F14K50 microcontrollers. It requires only a few discrete components and is available 28-pin DIL and 20-pin SSOP packages.

For SPI master applications (to control SPI slave devices), our expandIO-USB product is more suitable.

• Suitable for connection to SPI master devices
• Single chip solution
• True HID plug and play - No drivers required
• USB 2.0 compatible
• Achievable data transfer rates up to 600K baud
• Max SPI clock rate 1MHz
• 32-bit serial number
• 128-byte FIFO receive buffer
• 128-byte FIFO transmit buffer
• Operating voltage 1.8V – 5V
• 11 auxiliary I/O pins, incl, 10-bit A-to-D, USB status
• VID, PID, etc specified at program time or at runtime
• PIC18LF14K50-based DIL, SSOP packages
• PIC18LF2455-based DIL, SIOC packages