Digital Assets Marketplace

Buying and Selling Software on a Digital Assets Marketplace

There is a huge marketplace for digital assets including computer software, iOS and android native apps, website themes, specialized hardware firmware, and even cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum. Another extremely popular digital asset consists of website domain names. Owning a great domain name, especially a dot com, is considered by many to be the ultimate digital asset. While it is sometimes possible to hand register a great domain name at cost, most of the great domain names have already been scooped up and acquired by savvy domain name investors and speculators. The good news is that as the domain name market has evolved several specialized platforms have emerged which serve as a secure digital assets markteptlace purpose built to buy, sell, and invest in elite domain names.

Hexwax is a secure firmware publishing service. It allows electronics designers to sell their creations as designs, paid for on a per-copy basis by customers as they use them. We charge a royalty based on results.

We're always interested in new products to promote on the web site. What works well includes:

Off-the-shelf components that solve well-defined problems repeatedly faced by engineers. StarLite is a good example.
Off-the-shelf product designs which OEMs can use to bring products rapidly to market when they see sales opportunities. BoldFace is a good example.
If you could like to become a HexWax author, contact for a HexWax Author's Kit today!

What We Will Do For You

Market Your Product

We combine print advertising, email marketing, web promotion and catalog distribution to ensure a global presence for your products. Our aim is to ensure that everyone who might be interested in your product is aware that it exists and can buy it from us.

We will give you name and email of every customer, plus serial numbers allocated, if applicable.

Market Testing

If you have an idea for a product but you are not sure it will sell, we can test market it for you. Write the data sheet and state something like ‘lead time 12 weeks’ to indicate that you will only start creating the product when a customer expresses firm interest.

Market Intelligence

Where customers have needs which are not being met by HexWax’s product range, we encourage them to write these down as a product requirements document. We then circulate this to authors who request us to.

What You Need To Provide

A Quality Product

We can market Firmware Components (useful microcontroller firmware for customers in the electronics industry) and Product Blueprints (firmware-based complete product designs that a marketer can license and manufacture.)

We will work with you to make your products as popular and as buyable as possible. If we feel that a product is not of sufficient quality, we may not be able to market it.

The articles Cash For Your Code and Apple’s and Sony’s Greatest Threat in the Author's Kit provide guidelines for creating products that will succeed.

Quality Documentation

Your product neds to be well documented in order to understand what it does and how to use it. That means data sheets, design notes, etc. Templates are available in the HexWax Author's Kit.

Quality Support

You will need to provide technical support for your product. You’ll find this is around 50% pre-sales questions and 50% post-sales follow-through to ensure the product delivers what your customer needs.

Provide technical support by email, since this is quick and provides a searchable ‘paper trail’ when you are supporting many people at once. Try to respond, even if you cannot solve the problem straight away, within 24 hours during weekdays.

You can supplement regular support in many ways to reduce workload. You can build up a Frequently Asked Questions document or web page. You can create a web forum to allow your customers to communicate with each other. Most important, though, you can keep your design simple and documentation clear in the first place!