Portable Target Powered Firmware Programmers for Microchip PIC Microcontrollers

TEAclippers are a portable, target-powered firmware programmers for Microchip PIC microcontrollers and Parallax BASIC Stamps. About the same weight and size as a nickel (US 5 cent coin), they can be readily transported and plugged into a PCB or prototyping board containing the microcontroller requiring programming.

TEAclippers makes it easy to sell firmware and also to deliver updates to products already delivered to customers.

TEAclippers are priced from $39 depending on the features.


Currently supports a wide variety of PICs and Stamps
Planned support for other microcontrollers.
Limited-download feature that counts the number of devices programmed. When the limit is reached the TEAclipper refuses to program any more, allowing firmware to be sold on a per-copy basis
Encrypted delivery secures against copying.
Unique serial numbers and license codes can be written to each target device programmed.
Powered in-situ by target circuit
TEAclipper USB adapter used for charging TEAclippers with firmware.

How They Work

The HexWax Explorer application is used to load TEAclippers with firmware using the TEAclipper USB Adapter. Target devices are then programmed by temporarily inserting the TEAclipper into the device’s circuit.

The connection can be a PCB header or simply leaning against plate-through holes on a PCB. For prototyping, TEAclippers can be inserted into breadboards..