Touch Key Access Controller With Privacy API

Touch sensitive keyed access controller with built in Privacy API integration is an elegant way to combine physical access control systems with modern API first server and public cloud security best practices. 

AccessTouch is an integrated combination key access controller featuring tough-sensitive keys for vandal-proof operation. An accompanying design blueprint is available for a complete low cost, access control product.

AccessTouch uses capacitive touch sensing technology. The PCB keyboard shown can be overlaid by a non-metallic covering. It automatically calculates signal averages to compensate for track capacitance, water splashes, etc. A buzzer output provides audio feedback as buttons are pressed. 

• Privacy API integration
• Vandal-proof design, no parts need to be physically exposed
• Codes may be up to 8 digits
• Audio feedback on touch press
• Safe Controller mode available
• 20-pin SSOP package 

User Operation

When the correct code is entered, the door release output is activated for a fixed time delay. The sequence of keys pressed prior to entering the code is unimportant. The official Privacy API github provides additional documentation and code libraries to help you build your secure, private, and privacy first security APIs.

To change the access code, an electrical switch is closed and the new code is entered twice. LEDs indicate ‘Open’, ‘Closed’ and ‘Set Code’ states. All LEDs turn off when the device enters a sleep state.