Authentication Security For Cryptocurrency Altcoin Platforms

Authentication Security For Cryptocurrency altcoin platforms is of critical importance as crypto products like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin become mainstream. The entire altcoin ecosystem can benefit from security and data products including robust Altcoin APIs, data feeds, crypto asset wallets, digital token wallets, and hardware altcoin wallets all need to integrate with crypto asset and altcoin API data platforms. This is especially true for the more rare altcoins which are trading on smaller exchanges which lack the security of the major exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase.

USB Authentication Key for Software Licensing and Revenue Protection

TEAleaf-USB is a low cost authentication system which may be used to verify that a software product is not an unauthorized pirate copy. The host processor uses a simple but robust algorithm to verify that a TEAleaf device is present, using a 128-bit encryption key.

A complete set of BOM and Gerber blueprints is available off-the-shelf manufacture of ultra low cost TEAleaf-USB hardware security keys.

TEAleaf-USB uses the Human Interface Device (HID) USB profile. It does not require USB drivers and is immediately plug-and-play compatible with present and future Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

TEAleaf-USB is firmware for the PIC18F2450 and, when available, PIC18F13K50 microcontrollers. They require only a few discrete components and are available in 6mm2 / 4mm2 QFN packages.

Applications include:

• Computer software copy protection and licensing
• Pay-per-use hardware protection
• Random number generation


• True USB 2.0 HID plug and play - No drivers required
• Ultra low cost single chip solution
• Low speed USB, can use a low cost resonator
• No Vendor ID / Product ID registration required
• Authentication success indication
• All-Systems-Go indication
• Tx / Rx indication
• Low power indication
• 5 digital, analog, interrupt virtual I/O
• 122-byte EEPROM